Dr Tanya asks:What is the best way to deal with writers block

Dr. Tanya has put across another Question;

Writer’s block, that is, the inability of words to flow out of your keyboard or pen is something we bloggers sometimes experience.

My writing inspiration often comes from other bloggers so I thought it would be a good idea to do a Blogging Insights post about this.

So I have formulated the following question

What do you think is the best way of dealing with writer’s block?

My response;

As Tanya has said that every writer has periods of time in their writing career, where the flow of ideas stops leaving the writer with the proverbial pen poised in air and no ideas to write.

Though I try to avoid this situation, there are times that one just doesn’t want to write anything.

But there are ways of dealing with writer’s block;

1. Get out of the setting. Do something else and think about something else other than writing.

2. Take a walk or exercise. When you get the blood flowing through your body and brain, new ideas are bound to come up.

3. Read books and watch something on tv. But I would advise against watching the news as it mostly depresses us, rather than inspire us.

4. Make a draft of all the ideas you get during any time of the day or night. Keep this handy and go through it for inspiration.

5. Music is another great relaxer of mind. Listen to music and absorb the calming effects of it.

By following these suggestions, I am sure we can stimulate our brains to produce new ideas. If nothing works then give yourself a break. Sometimes a break is what our mind wants all along and it hints us by shutting down the idea factory.

These are my ideas for dealing with writers block.



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