Dr Tanya Asks- What is your opinion of Question posts?

Dr. Tanya has posed a few questions regarding the Question posts!

Thought-provokers OR Timepass?

Question posts, where a blogger posts one or more questions for readers to answer, are quite popular on the web. You can answer them in the comments section or write a separate post in reply. 

It is the norm to link back to the “questioner” in your answering post. 

But what is the place of such posts in the blogosphere and on social media in general?

question mark keyboard hand graphic

I have listed a few questions below to gather what people think about these question posts. You can answer them by leaving a reply in my comments section or create an independent post. If you are making a reply as a separate post please tag it:

#question posts

 My Questions

1. Do you respond to question posts?

I usually do, unless the questions have nothing to do with what I write about.

2. What kind do you prefer, the single “long-form” question or the “questionnaire ” type with several questions? 

I like to answer the long-form, thought-provoking questions. I like to share my thoughts about serious issues. Having said that, sometimes the short, multiple questions are fun too. I just need to make time to fit them into my schedule.

3. Do you feel such posts add value to your blog? 

This is a moot point. The questions post add value to the blogger who is asking the questions because it brings multiple responses. It also generates interest in the post. As to the one who is answering the questions, it would depend on the answers. If the answers are interesting, then it will increase the readership and traffic to the blog. So I would say if done intelligently, it would add value to both the bloggers, one who is asking and the one who answers.

4. When faced with insightful questions how much of your personality are you willing to reveal? 

I am an upfront person, so I reveal my thoughts completely when I answer serious questions. While if it is a Fibbing Friday post, I would try my best to out lie others.

5. Do you think people answer question posts truthfully?

I can’t say for others, but I answer truthfully. I am not afraid to touch on sensitive topics like politics and would say what I believe in. The only thing I don’t do in my posts is to reveal my true identity. I prefer anonymity and like to protect my identity.

question who how what


If you are into answering questions, specially about blogging, head over to Tanya’s blog, Salted Caramel and give them a go.



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