Daily Prompts- My own fault

I am caught in an alarming situation

I need to be extricated from this mess

I freely admit that I am here because of

My own folly, totally due to the blunder I made

And I am sure it won’t be a shock to you too learn

That I feel accountable and hold no one else responsible

If I hadn’t decided to chew on that hard sticky candy

I wouldn’t have cracked my molar into two halves

An invitation to karma to take it’s vengeance upon me

By my own greed in hoarding all that Halloween candy

I would not now be haunted by the vision of the dentist

Pulling both the halves by a threatening pliers amid my screams

In Response to the following prompts;

Your daily word Prompt;



Alarm, Haunting, Shock





Word of the day Challenge;







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