My first Real Neat Award

Anna of Stralthy has nominated me for The Real Neat Award. Thank you so much, Anna! I appreciate your kind gesture.

The rules for the real neat blog award

  • Display the award logo.✔️
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.✔️
  • Answer the questions from the blog who nominated you.✔️
  • Nominate seven to ten bloggers.✔️
  • Ask them seven questions.✔️

Anna’s questions:

What is one thing that you love about yourself?

My optimism. I am blessed with this personality trait and I am so grateful for it.

What is one book and one movie everyone should read and watch?

I wouldn’t presume to suggest that I know better than everyone, what they should be reading or watching. Besides it is such a very personal thing, I might love a book or movie and be inspired from it and another person may be totally unaffected by it.

How do you stay on top of things on a busy day/week?

I plan ahead. Sometimes I plan to the extent that I get on the nerves of my family. But planning is the answer to managing time. When I fail to take into consideration my commitments, vis-à-vis my time, I end up in stress.

Would you change your past if you would ever have the opportunity? Explain your answer.

Like everyone else, my past has shaped who I am. If I change my past, I will change who I am. It would be very uncomfortable to live with a person whom I don’t know! So thanks, but no thanks.

What is your favorite person on Instagram?

I don’t follow people on Instagram. Just a few of my favorite businesses, like Sephora or Clinique.

What are your most top 5 used apps on your phone?

My WordPress app, my card games, jigsaw puzzle, YouTube and mail.

Do you keep a journal? If yes, has it helped you in any way?

No, I don’t keep a journal. It is a good habit and always helps to keep one’s thoughts together but I am too lazy to do so. I do admire people who can maintain a journal.

My nominees;

Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess

Dr Tanya of Salted Caramel

Melanie of Sparks from the Combustible Mind

Leigha Robbins

Aditya of the Rendezvous club

Just me of HappymessHappiness

Fandango of This That and the Other

Kristian of Tales from the mind of Kristian

Suze of Suziland

Suzette Benjamin

My Questions;

Where does blogging fits in your daily life?

Have you ever tried to do;

a) Paragliding?

b) Horse riding?

c) Deep-sea diving?

Do you celebrate your birthday?

If you have free time at hand, would you go for a walk or a long drive?

Your best friend calls in the middle of the night and asks you to meet them at a deserted place, will you go? BTW, this friend has known to pull pranks!

Congratulations to all those who are nominated/ awarded the award. You’re under no obligation to accept the award. Or to go the whole nine yards. Answering the questions will do if you are too busy to do the rest of the stuff. This award is to acknowledge your blog. Not an imposition on your time.

Congrats once again!



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