MLMM- Sunday Writing Prompt “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”




I want to bring it to your attention that you’re philandering ways have not gone unnoticed. I would tell you this face to face but I thought that it may not have the same effect on you. So in this missive, I want to point out to you that you had promised to honor and love me till death do us apart. That you had promised to stand by me in sickness and health, in poverty and riches and in young and old age. But now I see that with the silver shining through my hair, the lure of golden tresses has more power over you than those vows taken under God’s eyes. An attractive figure and face have made you forget all those promises. Though this makes me angry and sad, I wanted to try one last time to make you understand that though I am a patient woman, don’t try me too far.

A woman scorned is a dangerous foe. So be careful my dearest. And mend your ways before this scorn find a way to harm you!

I hope I have made myself clear to you, darling.

Your loving wife

The Prompt;

I want you to write a letter designed to incite change. It could be a letter to a lover, to a school, to a business, to the government etc. Clearly state your grievance(s) and propose well-considered solutions.




15 thoughts on “MLMM- Sunday Writing Prompt “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”

  1. Whoa!! I loved this so much, Sadje!! So powerfully and beautifully penned, My Dear! Only someone who has seen a woman scorned can adequately pen a fateful warning to a fool who is pushing all the wrong buttons!! Bellissimo, My Friend!!

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