Daily Prompts- The specter

Turning green at seeing the specter

Nothing could be more scary for her

A big spider, all its eight legs threatening

A vision out of her worst nightmares

A mist hazed her view and she felt faint

Who could have allowed this monster

To cross the threshold of her home

Her screams brought a knight in shining armor

To rescue her from this dangerous predicament

He scooped the culprit into a piece of paper

And tossed it out of the open window without a stumble

She didn’t thank him for the heroic deed

Instead said accusingly, “you must have left the window open

While enjoying the ocean breeze

Looking to see how green is blue of the water

You neglected to observe the invasion of this pest”


In response to the following prompts;

Your daily word Prompt;



Sunshine, Mist, Allow




How green is blue

Word of the day Challenge;







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