Daily Prompts- Thanksgiving Dinner

It was Thanksgiving and Charlie was looking forward to enjoying his turkey dinner with the family. Mom was a great cook and they all had a sumptuous meal on thanksgiving every year. His friend Joe’s family were their neighbors and he and Joe were great friends. They often visited each other and though Joe’s house was neat and clean he felt that they weren’t all that well off. But their humble circumstances never stood in the way of their friendship as they were kindred spirits and were inseparable after they came home from school.

Today mom had made some sugary treats too and Charlie was itching to share them with Joe. He wrapped a few cookies in a napkin and was about to sneak out of the house when dad tapped him on his shoulder. “Where to young man? it dinner time soon” Charlie gave him his most charming smile and said that he just needed to give Joe something and would be back soon.

Dad was happy that his son had learned that sharing with friends doubles the joy. He gave him a conspiratorial wink and told him to be back before mom realized that some of the treats were missing.

Charlie skipped out of the house full of joy.

In response to the following prompts;

Your daily word Prompt;



Range, Sugar, Army





Word of the day Challenge;







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