Stream of Consciousness Saturday 12 October- Grounded

Linda G Hill is the host of Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Hi! It’s Friday, and time for your Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Here’s your prompt for this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ground.” Use it as a noun or a verb in any tense (i.e. grind). Have fun!

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You know what keeps me grounded? A pot of freshly brewed coffee made with beans that are grounded every morning before I brew my pot. If I don’t get this dose of caffeine first up in the morning, the day cannot start. Well the day does starts but not for me….. at least not the way I like to start my day, specially if it is a weekday.

There are other things that keep me balanced and grounded. Like following my routine and finishing my chore in the order I think they should be. Some people might think that I am getting to be a bit OCD but I beg to differ. I am very OCD in certain aspects of my life. But I attribute this to growing up ( old). I think we become fixed in our ideas of how life should go as we grow ( up/ old). There is nothing wrong with it. It is the privilege of age!

That’s my view on it and I am standing firm on my ground!




16 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday 12 October- Grounded

  1. My coffee gets my day off right, too. Sometimes I’ll head straight to the gym from school drop off then get distracted when I get home — it’ll be lunch before I figure out why my day’s gone sideways, and it’s always because I never got around to having that cup of coffee!

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