Tale Weaver – #244 – A Solitary Figure – 10th October.

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver.


All alone

Standing there

And waiting for someone

Or waiting for life to happen

Some of us spend too much time

Isolated and cut off from the crowd

Alone, in solitude and apart from others

We think that it is our choice

We feel we should have the right

To shun human company if we desire


Humans need other human contact

We need love and sharing of our lives

We thrive both physically and mentally

When we are in company of like minded people

No one should choose a solitary existence voluntarily

And if

It is a product of circumstances,

Do try to work out a solution

Because in loneliness we suffer

In isolation we falter and lose our identity

And when

You see someone who has chosen a lone existence

Be there for them because they need you,

Even if they do not realize it yet


This post/ poem expresses my views about loneliness and a solitary existence. I have seen the damage it can do.

The Prompt;

This week the image and wording can apply to any man, woman, object, figure whatever your imagination suggests to you.

Why is your figure solitary? Is it by choice or something imposed on the figure?



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