Fibbing Friday: 11th October

Di of pensitivity101is hosting Fibbing Friday this week.

Hello there!!
My turn to host the Fibbing Friday Challenge this week as I alternate with PCGuyIV.
Between us, we have kept this popular challenge going after Teresa AKA The Haunted Wordsmith closed her WordPress sites.
Below are 10 questions, the answers to which are entirely up to you.
The idea is to fib a little, a lot, be inventive, silly or even outrageous, in your response.

Ready? Go on, lie through your teeth. You know you want to!

1. What is The Nut Cracker?

Nut Cracker is a device used by squirrels to crack their nuts. The actual nuts. No hidden meanings here!😜
2. Why are Pandas black and white?

To differentiate them from black bears or white bears. Besides, that was the only way they could look cute and cuddly.
3. If storms are in teacups, and pools are in whirls, what puts us in a spin?

A car!
4. What do chocolate buttons operate?

Special centers of our brain, where the feelings of euphoria live. But be aware if you have too many of these buttons, it can also operate your digestive tract at a high speed. Take care to be near toilet facilities.
5. If we are flirty at thirty, naughty at forty and thrifty or nifty at fifty, what are we at sixty?

Ah, I knew the answer to this one. I swear I knew…… I guess I forgot.
6. Why isn’t orange blossom orange?

That is just a silly question. Next, you will be asking why a snapdragon doesn’t bite!
7. What’s this fly doing in my soup?

Learning to swim. You see the fly Olympic is just around the corner. And this one has the ambition to win the gold in hot liquid swimming.
8. What’s in a jam sandwich?

When your car is stuck between two semis. And you’re hoping that they don’t squish your car to a pulp.
9. Why was Rudolph’s nose red?

He has allergies all year round. And his job description is such that he can’t get any time off in the winters.
10. Why was the Mona Lisa really smiling?

She had a touch of flatulence.



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