Daily Prompts . The Cold

The cold and wintery day

Has turned my insides into ice

My bones feel mushy and weak

Like tentacles, the fog ramifies

Into ghost fingers invading all edifice

The bugaboo of the frozen landscape

Makes me nervous to be caught outside

I am thankful to be able to close the door

Warm myself in front of roaring fire in the hearth

That will chase away these scary specters

In response to the following prompts;

Your daily word Prompt;



Cold, Mushy, Speak





Word of the day Challenge;






34 thoughts on “Daily Prompts . The Cold

      1. I used to have a wood burning stove in my first house… I adored that thing in the winter months. The cat and dog would lie infront of it and we would all snuggle next to it while the elements outside went nuts.🔥 💕
        My roommate and I rarely use the fireplace in this house. (Not exactly sure why not), the livingroom is so bitterly cold in the winter time. 🤔

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