Working on Us Week # 18

Beckie is the creator of Working On Us.

Hello, All! Welcome back to “Working on Us” – A series that represents people with mental health illnesses/disorders. 



This week is going to be a little different, meaning I’m not going to set prompts in place.  Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, I’m requesting you, the reader, to write a narrative of your experience that caused your PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and CPTSD-Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the treatment you have received.


PTSD & STRESS – PTSD Stress Cup Theory | Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD #anxietyovercomingtips



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  • You can do one or all prompts.
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Though I have not been in circumstances which cause PTSD, there is someone close to me who was. I want to write about her struggles.

She lived with him for three years.

Three long years. He never harmed her physically. But he tried his best to break her spirit. She survived, her spirit bruised but intact.

The story started with marriage. She married young, just 23. He seemed normal. Had a steady job. His family appeared normal too. There were no red flags to let her know that danger lay ahead. How wrong and deceptive it all was.

Within the first few weeks of marriage, she started to realize that this guy wasn’t the average anger young man, he had serious mental issues. Which, both he and his family refused to acknowledge. When he came to know of the pregnancy, he insisted she get an abortion. She resisted. Stood her grounds. She wanted this baby. Her punishment went as long as the pregnancy. He wouldn’t even talk to her on most days. Any prenatal visit, he never accompanied her. She went through it all by herself, because he didn’t wanted the baby in the first place.

After the baby, nothing got better. He wouldn’t do anything for the child they had. His behavior to her was harsh and threatening. He would humiliate her often, specially if there were people around to witness it. There was several incidents when he did so in front of his family and friends. At the end of the third year of marriage, she called her parents and walked out, never to go back.

Why did she stayed so long in that destructive relationship? Because she is strong willed. Defeat was never the first option for her. She didn’t confined in her friends or parents even. She tolerated everything in an effort to provide a family for her child. She was threatened by physical violence by him daily and kept at a level where she was constantly afraid for her and her child’s life.

She came out of that marriage suffering from severe PTSD!

She never consented to getting treatment for it. She thought that the taboo attached to getting psychiatric help would add to her burdens. She is angry at time, unreasonable at others, but she is pulling through this, all on her own. I admire her courage so much. People have tried to convince her to get help but she refuses.

But being the strong person she is, she has managed to get a good degree after her divorce. She is raising her child well, much better than most parents as she is very sensitive to the needs of her baby.

Why I am sharing this?

Because if there are any people reading this who have similar circumstances, please get treatment so as not to prolong your hardships. And to also tell them that there is sunshine on the other side of this darkness.



20 thoughts on “Working on Us Week # 18

  1. Sadje, Thank you so very much for sharing your friend’s story here on Week #18 of “Working on Us”. Reading this reminded me of my own struggles with my ex-fiance’. IT wasn’t until after we got engaged did he really show his true colors. I was in that relationship for 8 years. 3 of those years, I was engaged. My spirit was broken, self-esteem was torn to bits, ridiculed, and he basically was assisting me to end my life when I was suicidal. By way of buying me more and more alcohol and OTC sleeping aids.
    Although your friend is strong-willed, she really should seek attention even if it’s in a group setting. To vent and get it out would help her. It’s so hard to hold those feelings when you suffer from PTSD. I did for years from previous experience and it did more harm than good throughout most of my adult life. Therapy helped me get through and learn how to handle these pent up experiences and flashbacks.
    Thank you again, Sadje. 💚

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your friends past. She really is strong to get through that but you can only be strong for so long and it will catch up with you – at least it did for me. There is nothing wrong with therapy or medications for mental health. I think little by little people are starting to understand that. Great post Sadje!

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