Daily Prompts- After the wake- part II

Jake’s words caused a chill to descend on the assembled company. It was a tenebrous notion that there was a killer amongst them.

“The late Mr. Humphrey was suspicious that a family member was trying to get rid of him. There was an incident a few weeks ago when his coffee was laced with arsenic. Though he had found it out in time because of its bitter taste and wasn’t hurt, he had his suspicions confirmed”

He looked at the eminent company gathered there. It seemed an insurmountable obstacle, to get the killer to confess, but he had a few tricks up his sleeve, yet.”In his letter, which he had sent to his lawyer he revealed who was that person, and instructed them to release the letter to the police in case he died a sudden death”

These words had a strange effect on one of the family member. She stood up and angrily started to berate the detective.” How do you know he knew that, that someone he named, would actually kill him, it could be anyone”

“please be seated Mrs Jackson, let me finish” Jake said calmly.

“He named his nephew and heir, Peter, as the prime suspect. But we have other evidence too”

Peter Jackson got up, but sat down again. He was pale and there was a strange excited look in his eyes. As if daring the detective to prove that he was the murderer.

He gave a nod to the police man on security detail who came forward to arrest Peter.

” You see Peter we found the murder weapon in your room, with your finger prints on it. You didn’t think that we would find out the murder weapon?”

“It was very clever but your uncle had a hidden camera installed in his room, which recorded the whole event. We saw that you used the empty syringe to inject a bubble of air into his vain and he died of a embolism as a result of it”

Jake stepped away as the murderer was led away. They had been lucky because the whole crime was recorded !

Part I of this story is here

In response to the following prompts;

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Excited, Security, Lace





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