Daily Prompts- At the wake

The wake was to be held in the evening after the funeral. The place was reverberating with the emotions of the grieving family and friends. Jake cast his eyes slowly on all the people present. His conscience was having qualms about what he was about to do, but to him, this was the only way to help the victim. The sentience demanded respect for the bereaved but Justice demanded that he should find the killer as soon as possible to prevent them from striking again. This was stirring the dirt beneath the water, but it was going to give him insight into the murder’s mind.

Just when everyone had settled down, he stepped forward. ” The deceased left a letter, naming the person responsible for his death”

Now he has everyone’s attention and quite a few uncomfortable murmurs from the assembly. And the person’s name is………

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Today’s prompt:  

Use the phrase “beneath the waters” in a piece of prose or a poem.

Also in response to the following prompts;

Your daily word Prompt;



Wake, Place, Reverberate





Word of the day Challenge;







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