Sunday Photo Fiction – Oct 6 2019


“Well this is it. I am not traveling by air again, as long as I am alive” Rob stated in a frustrated tone. “We have been stranded on the airport for last five hours now! Just look at all the cancelled and delayed flights”

Barbra laid a soothing hand on her husband’s arm. ” Well honey as you said, we aren’t alone in this predicament, many others are caught in this disruption caused by the bad weather. And seriously do you plan to drive to New York next time when we want to visit Cathy? You do know how far it is from California.”

Barbra’s tone did a lot to sooth his anger and frustration. And the fact that finally their flight was announced as ready for boarding!


The prompt;

Welcome to Sunday Photo Fiction! Here is this week’s photo, your challenge is to use the picture as inspiration to write a story in 200 words or less. When you’re done, add your story link to the link party below. An alternative is to leave a comment and pingbacks are also accepted.

Please be sure to post the photo along with the photo credit
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12 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Oct 6 2019

  1. I’m in full agreement with Rob, sad to admit. Leaving or trying to get to Newark airport is a pain in the buttocks. The last trip I went on to visit my mother I was delayed 2 hours leaving Newark, and the weather conditions couldn’t have been better, then… When coming back a 3&1/2 + hours delay leaving West Palm Beach because of the delays in Newark. And, again… The weather conditions were fine then too. I hate Newark Airport!!!

    Whoops…. Really good storytelling. 😘

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  2. Being stuck at airport is the worst feeling, especially if you’re going home or returning back from home. Makes you frustrated at the thought of losing time that you could have otherwise spent with your loved ones!

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