Daily Prompts- Getting the tan

Susan was very happy that at last she and husband Jeff were going away for a vacation. They would have access to a private beach and she meant to take full advantage of it. An impressive array of tanning lotions were packed in the luggage. Jeff couldn’t get this zest for getting brown but he left her to it.

When they got there, the first thing Susan did was to slip into her teddy, and rub all her exposed skin with tanning lotion and laid on the beach chair. But try what she would, the tan she wanted was elusive. Instead of a healthy bronze look, her complexion turned a florid red! Jeff couldn’t help but point it out to her that she was putting herself in harms way by exposing to so much hot sunlight. ” What sort of partner you are, instead of encouraging me, you are pointing out faults” came her angry retort.

The next day they had to go to a nearby hospital to get treatment for severe sunburns for Susan. Next year they went on vacation to the mountains.

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Private, Array, Teddy





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34 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Getting the tan

  1. I remember my sister laying out trying to get a tan… even using baby oil to hurry it along. I never did see the fascination with it. I t was just too hot to be laying still in the direct sun. Good job Sadje!

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