Daily Prompts- Friendship tested!

It was impossible to ignore her acrimonious attitude. Jess wondered why her friend had suddenly turned into this hostile girl. She noticed the change when they were on the tennis court. They were playing a friendly match. Her first serve shot through the air like an arrow and Ann was nowhere near it. That set the pattern for the rest of the match. Jess won and wanted to play again but Ann’s attitude was bitter to say the least. She tried talking to her but Ann was in no mood to listen.

And now, even a day later her mood hadn’t improved. It send a frisson down her spine, this fear that she would loose her best friend over something as small as a match. Finally when she persuaded Ann to talk to her, she told her that her boyfriend was watching the match and made fun of her when she lost it to Jess. She was taking out her anger and embarrassment on Jess. That did resolve the issue between the friends but taught Jess a lesson to be more careful of her friend’s fragile ego.

In response to the following prompts;

Your daily word Prompt;



Ham, Notice, arrow





Word of the day Challenge;






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