Thursday Photo Prompt- Copper# WritePhoto

Sue Vincent is the host of Thursday Photo Prompt.


Welcome to this week’s writephoto prompt.

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a deserted path through the woods, carpeted with the fallen leaves of autumn.


Standing here at the beginning of this path, I wonder; Is this the beginning or the end? Have I reach my destination or am I setting forward on it? The path beckons to me, the trees form a canopy over my head and a welcoming carpet of copper and brown hues laying on the forest floor, all calling me to start on my journey.

It is fall, the season of ends and beginnings. It fills the atmosphere with the special aroma of autumn. Maybe it’s true for my life too. An end to the old and a start for a new phase of my life. I need to move ahead. Move away from the life which has gone before. All that I hoped but never achieved and all that still rankles in my mind. It is time to bury all that in the leaves of autumn and step forward into the new phase of my life.

All the tomorrows are waiting for me to start living the rest of my life with new hope and enthusiasm.

The time to change is here. It is after all a new beginning. So I step forth with renewed hope and keenness!




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