100 Words Wednesday Week #139

Bikurgurl in the host of 100 Words Wednesday.

Image by Cyranny

A chance look upwards and  Dan was caught . What are these octagonal cages hanging in-between the buildings? He was unable to ask anyone as he didn’t speak Danish. So he set about googling all the descriptions he could think of.

But he apparently hadn’t thought of the right phase. Just then he saw a man pass by , talking in English on his phone . He hailed him and the man stopped.

“Sir, could you tell me what are these things?”

he said pointing upwards.

“Those are the dream catcher, we hang them to catch our bad dreams and trap them in there forever. They are enchanted “

He moved away, and left Dan wondering if he was serious or joking.



 Word count: 113 ( sorry couldn’t cut out more words)

The Prompt;

What 100 words would you give this image?



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