Daily Prompts- A bad habit

Amy was a good friend of mine. But she had a bad habit. She was addicted to the show glee, and I couldn’t tolerate it. Since we share the tv in the living room, it was a constant struggle.

Tonight she promised me that we can watch my favorite show instead of hers. And I was very grateful for this magnanimous gesture on her part. So I got my favorite snacks ready and was selecting which show to watch when to my confusion, she walked in with another friend of hers, who was also a great fan of glee. They very neatly took over the control of the tv and started to play an old episode of glee. I was so upset and angry. I got a pitcher full of water from the fridge and poured it over their heads. ” I think you’ve spent too much time in the sun” I said to the two drenched friends. “It’s my turn to select the show today, remember?”

Well………it took a couple of weeks for our relationship to normalize. And I had to not only dry the couch but also had to endure many more episodes of glee.

I have a bad habit. I get very angry. 😜





Your daily word Prompt;



Sun, Water, Glee





Word of the day Challenge;


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