The Daily Four-Game 7

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The Daily Four

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Welcome to The Daily Four!

Today’s Questions to the Readers are….

Do you prefer variety or routine?

If it’s my day to day business, I prefer routine. I have my tasks of the day all mapped out and rough time slots allotted to them. When something unexpected happens to throw out this schedule, I don’t like it! At all.

In matters of entertainment and doing spontaneous things with my free time, I am all for variety. I like going out to different places for eating out. I enjoy spontaneous drives to new places.

What is the stupidest way you have ever hurt yourself?

Well where to start? I have done so many dumb things in my life which resulted in injuries to me.

Once I pushed out the window to open it and my hand went through the glass. Lots of blood and damage. Then once I stuck a screwdriver through my palm. It was so painful that I still have faint memories of it. Lots of injuries falling from my bike, falling down the stairs etc etc…….

It’s a really long list.

Would you rather gargle with vinegar or snort a line of rock salt?

I probably have done both at one time or the other. No preference in either case. If it’s okay with you, I would not like to repeat the experience.

What’s the one food you could never bring yourself to eat?

There are many that I won’t. A long list. Nothing raw, not even an egg. No sushi, no beef, no slimy things. As I said it’s a long list. I am open to try vegetable of all kinds, at least once. But meats, or animals products…. no thank you!



16 thoughts on “The Daily Four-Game 7

    1. True! I have issues with gravity too. And the things that move by themselves and bump into my toes, shins and knees etc! The screwdriver was very painful. I couldn’t use my hand for a lot of days. It hurt every time I even moved my fingers.

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  1. Good answers Sadje – ping backs hardly work any more via WordPress for my blog from other blogs. Occasionally l see a ping back in pending or my comments directory and occasionally spam – and then sometimes sadl ping backs don’t arrive on the day they were created but as long as three days before they appear anywhere in front of me.

    If l have missed them, l can only but apologise, however l will scour your blog now and see which one l am delayed response on.

    However for this one – the answers were indeed wise as Melanie has said 🙂

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      1. Pleasure – l never realised just how many l had missed Sadje – so my sincere apology for that – very few of these arrived at my blog, it’s not just your posts that don’t arrive, but many blogger’s posts never arrive with me. It’s when l am on my reading rounds of blogger’s created posts that l come across them or l catch a comment like yours on my second screen 🙂


        1. Thanks! That’s not right. Ping backs should automatically arrive. Melanie thinks that since you have upgraded to business plan, that’s why you are not getting ping backs! Which would be even stranger!!!

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          1. Yes l am aware of what Melanie thinks regarding this and others. I don’t think it’s that, l think it’s a serious glitch with WP that has quite simply never been properly addressed and fixed.

            I would be somewhat astonished if Melanie’s theory turned out to be correct with regards WP and the sort of ‘snobbery’ aspect of non commercials not being able to communicate to commercial and l think what it boils down to is simpler than that and that is something to do with configuration and algorithms within WP.

            I have switched off everything in my blog that could possibly prevent Melanie or others from communicating to me and l did so so at the risk of inviting truck loads of spam.

            Now l get way less spam than l did in June when l switched which at that point l was receiving 300 spam comments a day, to these days when l receive none – and this makes me further curious. With everything switched l am an open target to spam and yet l receive nothing meaning there is probably an internal setting that l have no control over that prevents certain blogs from communicating with me.

            However l have noticed problems with some of the servers – l run three screens here and have my blog open in Firefox and my a surplus screen displaying the blog in Microsft Edge.

            Now Firefox is a very smooth service but ME has serious problems with blog – and l think that Melanie may be experiencing issues with her server rather than my blog being commercial.

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