100 Words Wednesday Week#138

Image by Cyranny

Bikurgurl is the host of 100 Words Wednesday


It was dark and deserted. The graffiti covered building wasn’t reassuring either. But it was the place of rendezvous so she waited here. They were late! She cursed herself for waiting here alone, at night and in a strange country. What if they don’t show up? Just then she saw headlights of a vehicle around the corner. The car stopped to a halt near her and she heard Suzanne calling her to come in. Finally! She breathed a sigh of relief. But a scream of terror rose to her lips as she glanced around after sitting in the car.


Word Count: 99

The Prompt;

What 100 words would you give this image?



20 thoughts on “100 Words Wednesday Week#138

    1. You’re right! But I don’t have the talent like yours to write more without spoiling the whole thing. That’s why I leave it at a stage where the reader can fill in the rest by their imagination. 👍


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