Crimson Creative Challenge #45- Windmills

Crispina is the host of Crimson Creative Challenge #45




Windmills in my head

Blowing the air in my hair this way and that

Wild ideas seldom making sense

But I am riding on my imaginary stead

Recklessly through the bush and bramble

Dislodging the fact and stories alike

Like husk falling from the grain

No need to lay thoughts sunder

I am sure to scatter them all across the table

Hey, wait a nebulous idea has just been born

In this jumbled up brain of mine

The fissures running through the reality

Bring the fascinating new thought to fore

I love when my mind goes on a bender

That’s when I get the best of my ideas

In addition to CCC I have included the following prompts in this post;

Your daily word Prompt;





Table, Husk, Hair



Word of the day Challenge;






21 thoughts on “Crimson Creative Challenge #45- Windmills

  1. Ugh! I’ve been wondering why you haven’t been popping up in my reader feed recently. WordPress unfollowed you for some reason, I’ve had this happen a few times now. It’s so frustrating!!

    Anyway, this is wonderfully & beautifully said!! ❀

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