MLMM- Wordle #150- Disaster shoe shopping

Wordle #150

Word Art (6).png

1. Find Out✔️
2. 100 Yards✔️
3. Slubber (to perform hastily or carelessly)✔️
4. Rarefied✔️
5. Slip✔️
6. North✔️
7. Buy✔️
8. Shoes✔️
9. Kill✔️
10. Saturday✔️
11. Brag✔️
12. Rule✔️


When a slubber, buys the shoes for you, you will find out within a 100 yards the mistake in trusting them with this purchase. The shoes are going to kill your feet before that rarefied party you were going to attend on Saturday. And you won’t be able to brag about them to anyone. Better slip them off, and toss them north. Make a rule not to entrust shoe shopping to someone else.


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MLMM-Wordle #150




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