Mirror Images

My mother told me, softy she recited under her breath

Standing and staring at her duplicate

The image reflected in the glass was her yet

There seemed to be a fundamental difference

The girl in the mirror was sad, unlike her

She appeared to have no self esteem

Maybe because the matchstick figure she desired

Was masked by a healthy covering of flesh

If she peeled back the layers like that of an onion

She would see the size zero model like thinness

That she craved but could not achieve

The native hunger residing in her heart

For being like “others” was destroying

What happiness and beauty was her natural gift

Softly, she repeated the mantra

And a smile spread across her face

Mother said that she was beautiful!

In response to the following prompts;

Your daily word Prompt;





Matchstick, Glass, Onion

Word of the day Challenge:


Tuesday Writing Prompt;

My mother told me




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