Continental Breakfast

Anyone who has traveled knows that orange juice is a vital part of continental breakfast. It is served first thing in the morning , which is followed by hot bread rolls, or flaky croissants with butter and jam. Rounded up by coffee. There is a simplicity to this meal which keeps the breakfast light without too much cholesterol rich food. The emotional attachment some people have with eggs and bacon leads to elevate levels of fat in our bodies. Even if they go for a run in the yard after the heavy breakfast that they consume, it doesn’t helps much in attaining good health.

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First, Orange, Yard

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43 thoughts on “Continental Breakfast

  1. I don’t have Breakfast much, but A full English breakfast is a nice treat, and if you grill (or in the US, Broil) the bacon and poach the eggs, it actually is a healthy breakfast. Skip on the fried bread though. We don’t traditionally have hash browns either which could never be part of a healthy breakfast.

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      1. They now realise that the body can deal with saturated fat easily and complex polyunsaturated fats, carbohydrates and sugars combine to build up in the body, so I think a piece of bacon is a lot better for you than a croissant smothered in jam. Not that I eat either very often.

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