Share Your World 9-9-19


I will post four or five different questions each week for you to answer.  There are two ways which you can participate.

Create a SYW post.  Then post the link to your blog in my comment box or leave your answers in the comments box of my blog.

To make it easy for others to check out your post, title your blog post “Share Your World”  and link it to this post.


What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery or came into a huge fortune? 

The first thing would be a celebration! When it comes to spending, (BTW, how large is this fortune?) I will keep half of it for my family and children. The other half can go to various charities. We support charities providing healthcare to poor people in third world countries, and those that provide food and shelters.

Which decade do you think had the best sense of style?

I was a young adult in 80’s . The big hairdos and extravagant fashions were sort of charming to me then. Nowadays things are pretty simple, as in we dress how we feel comfortable. So this is a good time too. No pressure to be fashion conscious. Or maybe it’s my age that I feel no pressure to follow any trend that I am not happy in!

Would you rather be half your height or double your weight?

Absolutely neither! I would like to be half my weight or twice my height. Both situations will put me in desirable weight range for my height. Though being more than eleven feet tall would be challenging!

If you wanted to get away from everyone totally, where would you hide?

In my home, by switching off my phone. It’s the perfect place to hide.


What do you do that you love?  

I love reading my favorite genre of books, I love writing my blog, and while doing all this I like listening to my current favorite songs ( Which I am doing now) I also love spending time with my family. Specially my grand babies who have just turned five months old this week.

Life is good and God is kind!

Melanie of Sparks from a Combustible Mind is the host of Share your World



10 thoughts on “Share Your World 9-9-19

  1. I often say that if I had the money, I would open some kind of really nice group home or independent living community for adult with high functioning autism. Often, when those of us with high functioning autism hit adulthood we are completely on our own without much help because our intelligence levels are high, but we still struggle with many aspects of independent living and could definitely use some help. I think a community environment where everyone had assistance available if needed but had their own private space (their own room is a must!), adults with autism could live much better lives. Autistic adults tend to isolate too, so a community setting could help with that, because autistic adults would be much more likely to go to social events if they didn’t have to be far away from the safety of home.

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