Stream of Consciousness Saturday September 7 -2019

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “weigh/way/whey.” Use one, use ’em all, bonus points if you do that last thing. Enjoy!

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I want to write about weight. It is right up my alley. My sort of topic. But if it’s about my weight then I rather not. You see I am at the stage where I have thought about it too much. It’s weighing on my conscience that I haven’t been able to lose it as I should have.

The fact is that the weight of expectation of others really is troublesome. If we are allowed to have our own way without thinking what others expect from us, our lives would be way easier. I am past the age where I want a perfect figure, or any other figure other than my own. But…… and there is always a but, and sometimes there is a butt too. But that’s besides the point. I want to be free from the weight of how I should be following the instructions and expectations of others. I would like to choose my own way, even if I have to eat curds and whey. But it would be my own decision. So I am choosing to give myself a break. I will not weigh myself or think about diets and other related stuff for at least a couple of weeks. Lets see what happens after that!




14 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday September 7 -2019

  1. I’ll always remember this beautiful thin girl in high school who came running into the cafeteria one day saying “oh my gosh I was reading my book and I forgot to eat lunch!”

    How does someone forget lunch???

    I still wonder if she was lying…

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