A word to the wise

The old man felt himself qualified to give

The young man a piece of advice

My dear boy, said he to the young man

I have spent my life in this world

Learned a lot from my experiences

So it would be better for you to listen

To the words of wisdom I am imparting

Never swim in the nude in a lake full of piranhas

If you want to stay alive, be careful of the sharks

Don’t disturb the ants in the hill by sitting on it

He was going to add a few more home truths

When he was rudely interrupted

By that young man on the other end

I have had enough of your clichéd advice old man

I am a man of the world myself and not a babé

So keep your words for someone who

Needs them or appreciates them

He was going to walk away strutting

But unfortunately he tripped over his own feet

Landing in the dirt face down!

In response to the following prompts;



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