The lines of communication are broken down

The bridge that was between us now lies

Broken and in shambles, destroyed by us

How have we reached this state where there is

No sharing of thought and no common grounds

Wouldn’t it have been better, if we had talked

Brought out the issues and problems into the open

Had a heart to heart before we reached this stage

The days of silence and brooding have taken a toll

A chasm lies between us, too wide to span with words

Can something repair this destruction and ruin

Can the damage caused by our egos be undone

A question I want an answer to, because it matters

I have written this because all too often we let minor disagreement develop into long-lasting family feuds. Let’s talk to each other and clear misunderstandings before they grow into a serious rift.


53 thoughts on “Broken

  1. I would never let that happen with my children. But I canโ€™t seem to find the energy to care that much about so-called friends who have acted selfishly, lied, and/or twisted up my words. I just let those relationships crumble and spend more time in Blogland.

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