Error Error…….

The monitor screen has a message written on it

Error writ in red, frightening and scary

It is quite problematic for someone like me

Who cannot handle the technical challenges

That comes with modern technology

My knowledge of it is like a small pebble

When what I require is a mountain of info

I try to put myself into the zone but alas

The time I should have spent to acquire

The skill has gone long past leaving me

Always in search of some helping hand

Who can sort out my problems with the technology

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24 thoughts on “Error Error…….

  1. Oh, I can relate! Back in the day, before I retired and was working, I worked on computers all day. When things went wrong, there were onsite IT employees. I learned a lot from them, which helps me now with my own computers. I know just enough to be dangerous, as I look at it. Love your post, Sadje!

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