MLMM- Wordle #147

Word Art (2)

1. Cuff
2. Escarpment (a long, precipitous, clifflike ridge of land, rock, or the like, commonly formed by faulting or fracturing of the earth’s crust)
3. Tiny
4. Donnybrook (an inordinately wild fight or contentious dispute; brawl; free-for-all.)
5. Wheel
6. Slot
7. Fling
8. Grit
9. Effective
10. Sometimes
11. Watch
12. Walk Away

Walk away from the Donnybrook

It’s better this way, so don’t even watch

Staying here might earn you a cuff on the ear

Or you may receive a fling in the middle

Sometimes it is more effective

Then showing grit and climbing the scary

Escarpment of fearful conflicts

Wheel away from it now and silent the tiny doubt

It fits the slot so let it slide.

In response to;

MLMM- Wordle #147




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