Writing Prompt #33 – Favorite Books

My summer reading list is…
All the books which have discovered recently. I read a very diverse range of genres and authors. I love mystery, magic and adventure too. Mostly I like my books to be entertaining and emotionally satisfying. A good conclusion and a seem-less storyline are something which makes for enjoyable reading.

Another favorite genre is historical fiction and romances. So when I discovered Mary Stewart, a British author who wrote historical fiction I was tempted enough to order a trilogy written by her on King Arthur. I am hoping this will a good read.

 Another great find is Louise Penny, a Canadian English author. She writes crime fiction and is a wonderful writer. Very well developed stories with good thrilling plot lines. I have read eleven of her book and there are two more on my list. Her latest will be on sale at the end of this month.

Lisa Keeble’s book, From His Perspective is also awaiting reading.

Another all time favorite is Nora Roberts, and her alter ego J D Robb.

Who are your favorite writers?

Do you find time to read when you are busy in life or blogging?

Please share your thoughts and feedback in your comments.

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Writing Prompt #33



22 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #33 – Favorite Books

  1. I always have a book or ebook to read. I have a pile of books waiting too. I use my local library all the time because I dont have the money to buy or the room to store all the books.
    I like all genres except romance. It’s just not my thing, although I did recently read one of Paula’s (Light Motifs II) books and it was good.

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  2. I read everything. Mystery, mushy romance, sexy romance, sci fi, biography, memoir, poetry, horror, etc. UNLESS it’s boring, then I won’t read it.

    Lately I’ve been reading Dr. Seuss to my grandbaby. That does get boring, but she likes it, so…

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  3. I love reading. I love true crime, non fiction, animal stories, mysteries, a little romance, and inspiring books. I love cathy glass, maggie hartley, rosie lewis, shane dunphy, casey watson, danielle steele, i am about to read the in death series, and the hannah swensen series, I have a lot on my to read list 😀

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  4. I haven’t finished the ebook I’m reading lately. I love Nora Roberts too and historical fiction. Mary Higgins Clark is my favorite crime thriller author. I have a collection of her works.

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