A review

She held the pages in her hand and thought hard. She was caught in a conundrum when her friend had asked her to review the book she was writing. She did tell her that she would not be able to be totally objective since they were such good friends. And now her worst suspicions were confirmed. The story was good but the writing was not up to the standard. If she were to be cruel to be kind, she would point out all the reasons that this should be rewritten all over again. The inner voice in her head was shouting at her to be brave and tell her friend that. But she knew her friend well enough to know the plaintive words which would follow. She would be hurt and would complain that the book was being judged too harshly. What to do now? She asked herself repeatedly. And didn’t know the answer. I guess I will have to be straight with her, she thought. Wasn’t it her friend’s dearest ambition to become a writer?

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