Thursday Photo Prompt – Journey


Welcome to this week’s writephoto prompt.

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a green hill against a misty, grey sky. Across the top of the hill strides a strangely proportioned figure. His head is bowed and he is carrying a staff.

~* ~

Man on the hill

They had built the statue on the top of the hill so that everyone who came could see it from a distance.

The villagers were so familiar with it that they hardly glanced at it during their daily life. It was only when a newcomer or a tourist came and asked about it that they would look at it while they related the story of the man on the hill.

Long ago there was a fierce battle for the possession of the village. The army of the king had defended. The intruders were repulsed but at a heavy cost. After the battle they buried their dead and grieved for the parents who had lost their sons in a senseless war. A couple of months later a man came to the village to look for his sons. His two sons who had died in the war! He searched for their graves and when he found them, he spent the rest of his life, sitting near the graves, looking at them. The villagers tried to console him but he was heartbroken. They were last of his family and after their death he was all alone in the world. He died after a few years and the villagers were left with an overwhelming desire to commemorate his devotion to his sons. They commissioned an artist to built an oversized statue of the father on the top of the hill. It would serve as a reminder of the futility of war.

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Thursday Photo Prompt-Journey

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Sue Vincent



30 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Prompt – Journey

    1. Thanks Sue. It is usually the case when we are exposed to something day and night. It becomes a part of our surroundings and we don’t ponder on its significance.


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