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Habitually Speaking  – 

What are three of your negative habits that you wish you could or are trying to lose or at least change for the better? 

Equally, what three positive habits could you introduce to your life to enhance it?

Over time, I have gotten rid of a lot of things that I didn’t like about my personality.

My negative habits;

1. I was and am still quite over sensitive. But with effort the intensity is decreasing. Being sensitive is good, because you can feel empathy with others. But have too much of it means that you get hurt easily. It is a curse for oneself and others. To not be the person around whom people have to be careful with what they say. So I am trying getting there.

2. I am not very active. Not the friend who is going to invite you to go on a long walk or a hike. I like sitting more than doing something physical. Though after my knee replacement surgery, I make sure to walk an hour daily, it still hasn’t become my instinctive go to habit.

3. I love eating. Food is my idea of a good time. Eating more than cooking it. This leads to problems with my weight and health. I am trying to teach myself to eat for living and not live for eating.

My positive habits;

1.I am a born optimist. I am programmed to look at the bright side of things than the negative one.

2. I like to be helpful. But sometimes I help people without asking. That is a negative in a few people‘s minds. I give advice, though trying not to give unsolicited advice nowadays.

3.I am knowledgeable about a lot of things. My primary subject was Medicine so I still have a lot of basic knowledge retained somewhere in my mind. I can diagnose and treat minor conditions. And know when the condition is minor and when it’s serious. I also like to read and gain knowledge on various fields of science.

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Habitually Speaking

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33 thoughts on “Rory Asks; Habitually Speaking

  1. In a church related meeting the other night the discussion turned to service. The Good Samaritan was brought up as one example. I think it’s wonderful that you try to help people out, even if they haven’t asked or if they aren’t grateful. You’re lovely – inside and out! ❤

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  2. I can so relate to being sensitive, (maybe overly). However, I feel empathy towards others as well, and I don’t see that being such a bad thing at all.
    Food? Love food! Adore food! I wish it liked me as much. LOL!
    Walking an hour a day, that’s fantastic. I wish I could walk for more than 20 minutes before wanting to fall over from the chronic pain. After that trip a couple weeks back to Ikea, I thought I would need to go to the hospital, that’s how much pain I was really in.


                  1. I was also going to look more into the acupressure as well. I take so many type of medications for my mental health, I’m so tire of popping pills for every little thing.
                    I’m actually going to be contacting my doctor this week. Plus I have my appointment with my psyche doc tomorrow, and plan on discussing this wer her too.

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  3. A great post Sadje, thanks for writing it in response to the question – l love food too, but like Beckie, food no longer loves me, l feel this is the days getting back at me for taking on too many food challenges in my twenties – probably screwed up all my internal organs 🙂

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