MLMM- Wordle #146

Word Art (1).png

1. Poplar Tree✔️
2. Brusque✔️
3. Traipse✔️
4. Rigorous✔️
5. Shaken✔️
6. Pump✔️
7. Downtrodden✔️
8. Starvation✔️
9. Cuddle✔️
10. Spittle✔️
11. Hardwired✔️
12. Forever✔️

Poplar trees are hardwired to destroy the structures near them as their shallow roots traipse along the soil and break into the neighboring structures. There is a forever struggle to maintain walls, lawn borders etc where these trees are planted. The flower beds near them can die due to water starvation because these roots pump away the water into the trees. The spittle of this tree overwhelms near by grass as well. You might be shaken by these facts and would need to re-think your impulse to cuddle this tree and should rather rigorously reject them brusquely, because they are no downtrodden specimens. Their best use is to plant them along swamps, where they help in draining them.

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MLMM- Wordle# 146



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