The Sunday Whirl

Wordle #416

The rain fell in sheets. He ran like a shot across the street to get to the shelter. Entering the tea shop where he worked, he found himself wondering if his watch was right. He held it his ear to hear the tick-tock to assure himself that it hadn’t stopped. It was working and the time according to it was eight o clock in the morning. But why was the place deserted? Where was everyone. It was a mystery. Oh, wait a minute, he thought as he looked at the news on the television. There had been another shooting in the morning, and now people were worried about their safety and stayed home. What was the state doing to bring down the number of there incidents. He could count at least five shootings in the last two months. All these criminals belonged in jail cells. Unless the government had cut another deal with the NRA.

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The Sunday Whirl- Wordle #416



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