MLMM- Sunday Writing 5 x 5

Include the answers to these questions in a story or poem

1. An item you just can’t live without ( Phone)

2. Your favorite snack ( Chocolate)

3. A bit of wisdom for the youths of today (Better late than never)

4. A coincidence that unites two people( A delayed flight)

5. Your favorite word ( Maybe)


It was getting late but they were stuck here on the airport. There was a long delay because of the bad weather conditions. Sally repeatedly checked her phone for messages from her office. She was on a holiday, she needed to remind herself now and then. But it was a habit, to check work related emails and messages ever so often. The time for their flight departure was approaching and it seemed that it really would take off at that time. No more delays.

She fished around in her oversized bag for the bar of chocolate she had shoved in at the last moment. As her hand found it, a man came and sat in the seat next to her. She peeled back the wrapper and took a bite and looked at him. Her eyes took in the details and like what she was seeing. A nice man, around her age and he had the same chocolate bar in his hand that she was biting into. They gave each other a smile and he introduced himself. ” Hi, I am Bert. I am going to San Francisco, and you?” Sally told him that she was going to San Francisco too, what a coincidence! They got talking and found a lot of things in common that they enjoyed. They sat together till the flight was announced and what a surprise, they discovered that they were sitting next to each other on the plane too. Maybe this meeting was fated, Sally thought. By the end of the three hour flight, they had made plans to meet next day for a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge. Sally had a feeling that this man may become someone special in her life. She was ready for a relationship at the age of thirty five. Better late than never.

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MLMM- Sunday Writing 5 x 5



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