Tale Weaver – #235 – 8th August – Roller Coaster


We often complain when life gets even a little difficult. Growing up is difficult, being an adult is difficult. So is getting a job, a family and ultimately growing old, before we depart this world forever.

But here lies the charm of life. This roller coaster ride is full of ups and downs. It had excitement and disappointments in store for us. But it never is boring. It never stays the same. Each phase of life is different. Accompanied by different challenges at different stages. When we complain that life is tough, what we don’t realize that that is the basic purpose of life. To train, to test and to eventually make us better or in ideal cases, the best version of who we are!

To enjoy this roller coaster ride we need a few pre-requisites.

We should be prepared to accept that there will be difficulties on the way.

Being realistic saves a lot of heartache. No one has a perfect life. All who have ever walked this earth were faced with challenges in different phases of their lives. So why should we be the exception? It is true that some people have it easier and the journey is more tough for others. But that is also a matter of perception. What might look like a life of ease to us from outside may not be do to those people.

We should have an attitude of taking the challenges life throws on us, head on.

Being ready will always be an advantage. If we are caught by surprise then the task becomes more onerous. But it doesn’t mean that we should be pessimistic or prophets of doom.

“Hope for the best and expect the worst” just about sums it up!

We should be prepared to lose some to find some in this journey.

Like all things in world, when we journey into our lives, we will achieve great things but we will lose a lot in the process. We give our youth to gain experience and wisdom. We give our health and beauty to raise a family. It’s all a matter of balance.

And lastly one should give up the illusion of being in control.

There are a million things in our lives which ultimately shape it. We are not in control of most of them. We flow in this river of time and universe and make the best of the circumstances handed out to us.

Sit back and enjoy this roller coaster ride! Make the best of it.

The Prompt;

‘Life can be a roller coaster of a ride at times.’

So much of our lives can be like a roller coaster ride. We have many ups and downs, be it in relationships, in terms of dealing with children, family and grief.

Write your response to this and link it using the linking tool below. Above all, have fun.

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Tale Weaver #235- Roller Coaster



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