Am I addicted to food?

The sight and smell of food is bewitching for me. I fight my addition to food but it a mental programming that I find hard to beat. When I am happy I want food. When I am stressed out I want food and if I am sad I want food.

It is not a genetic flaw. More like a defect acquired over time. It is a well known fact that human beings turn towards something to comfort them when they are unhappy or under stress. I always think of food in times of stress. Using it as a drug to make me feel better.

But I am trying to break this habit, now that I am no longer young but a fusty fifty seven year old. Time and age has many benefits but it definitely does not allow us the luxury to be careless with our health. Now the need to be in an acceptable range of body weight and fat percentage is ever more important because it affects all aspects of my life.

So onto a new programming for my mind. Eat to live. Sounds a bit cut and dry but in fact it is how most sensible and healthy people view food. No more chips as a side but salads. A salad as an entree instead of a burger or pizza. A piece of fruit for dessert.

A lot of changes to be made. And I am almost ready to make this change. Just making myself realize the fact that being healthy is way better than feeling good after having a scrumptious meal!

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