Whale 🐳 Watching

Today we went Whale 🐳 Watching.

The tour was booked weeks in advance. We reached Anacortes WA around 10:30 am.

Ship in the harbor:Flounder Bay

The water was a beautiful dark blue. The waves were frothy and smelled salty and fresh. I hadn’t sailed on the Pacific before and it was a thrilling experience.

We were taken on a small ship/ boat which could go fast. We were promised Whales and we were taking to the part of Pacific where they were sighted today: Canada, BC.

We traveled for almost two hours to find our Whale. It was a female Hump Back Whale. 60 feet in length and weighing a whooping 70 thousand pounds. ( and here I was thinking myself overweight! )

A round trip of 5 hours! Getting wet in the ocean spray and then buffeted with cold wind from the ocean. Quite an adventure. At least for me.

I several times wished I had a spare had to take pictures. I was using the two I have to hold on to the hand rails. There was a bounce and lift which could plunge even a person like me overboard.

These are the ones I took. Except the last one which I got from their website.

San Juan Island

Rosario Strait

Finally a glimpse

We stayed with it for about an hour during which made several dives and showed the typical Hump Back dive which is the reason for its name. But with my luck at taking pictures, I just managed to get it from a very distant angle. I made a few videos but they really don’t show the real majestic feel of this creature that we saw in real life.

A light house on San Juan

How a real photographer can take the picture

I am no travel blogger nor a photographer. But I hope you enjoy these pictures and the brief account of the trip.




38 thoughts on “Whale 🐳 Watching

  1. I am happy that you shared this post. We have whales in front of our house here in NL. It is really best to watch them from a distance, as when tour boats get closer than 100 meters to the whales, this actually is very upsetting and harassing to the whales. We actually watch the whale watchers, and report any tour boats getting too close to these magnificent creatures because approaching closer than 100 meters is actually against the law in Canadian waters. 🤗

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    1. You’re right. That what our boat people did. They stayed 100 yards or more away from the Whale. That’s why the pictures I was trying to take is not good. Still the experience was wonderful.


      1. It is wonderful to see those beautiful creatures, and your tour boat operator was being respectful. Last night we watched a tour boat chasing some whales. One whale, in protest, thumped his huge tail on the water, making a really loud banging sound. He was showing his annoyance, and communicating to the other whales to stay out of the area. Recently I was part of a lobby which succeeded in lobbying the Canadian government to stop keeping whales and dolphins in captivity. 🤗

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          1. Yes, I agree. Last night they got so close , that one whale breached ( jumped high to get lots of air) and when it landed, the water splashed the people in the boat. We have a powerful spotting scope, ordered online from Russia, and thus we can observe, and report, when our beloved whale friends are being harassed.

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