Three Lines Tales week #181

photo by Neil Armstrong (via History in HD on Unsplash

They were ten of them on this trip and all had paid millions of dollars and had undergone intensive training for the privilege to travel in space and land on the moon.

What a thrill it was to finally step on the surface of the moon, something which was previously unthought of for the ordinary people but his euphoria soon turned into horror by seeing what was approaching them.

The scientists and the investigators looked through all the data and the filmed coverage many times but couldn’t find any trace of the passengers of “The Moon Voyager ” anywhere, it looked like they had just evaporated from the surface of moon!

The prompt;

If you want to go full Apollo 11, check out Apollo in Real Time – it’s amazing and I can’t wait for the Moon landing on Saturday. If you’re not into space exploration, remember that the picture is only the starting point. You take your lines wherever you want.

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Three Lines Tales week #181



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