My trip- Part Three

It was with much anticipation that I looked forward to my visit to the Pacific coast in the north of Washington state. The plan was to drive and stay a couple of night along the way.

In two and half days we did a loop of the Olympic peninsula, traveling around 600 miles. It was a great trip and we drove through most of the towns and ports in the area.

Port Angeles was a super amazing experience.

Feiro Marine life center, Port Angeles

Beautiful painting on the outer walls depicting life in the past.

Pier # 8, Port Angeles

A view of Port Ludlow from the road.

Gig Harbor, Puget Sound.

This serves a dual purpose, a) to give you a glimpse into our trip and b) in response to the prompt by Michael to write about a visit.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

The prompt;

This week the task is to compose a tale in which the term/word ‘visit’ features.

It could be visiting, visited, visitation……you go where the prompt takes you.

Have fun and link your responses using the linking tool below.

In response to;

Tale Weaver # 232




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