Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #22

“Mommy, mommy come quick” Robbie’s excited voice brought Caroline to the backyard which overlooked the cotton fields.

“What is it dear?” She asked

“Look mom, tiny space ships over the cotton fields. We are being invaded by aliens “

Robbie was more excited than fearful. But reluctantly Caroline had to bust his bubble. ” They are drones dear, not space ships. I guess they are taking pictures of the crop. Why don’t you try to find something more about it on your laptop”

Robbie liked the suggestion and went to find more information about the drones use in farming. She stayed a while to watch what the drones were doing and to her surprise and horror, they started to emit laser like red beams which destroyed the whole field of cotton in a few minutes.

What was going on? She went to ask Google!

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Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #22



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