Share Your World 7-15-19

Melanie says:

I will post four or five different questions each week for you to answer.  There are two ways which you can participate.

1. Create a SYW post.  Then post the link to your blog in my comment box or leave your answers in the comments box of my blog.

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5. There are sometimes two sets of questions…one with images and one without (same questions).  This is for ease of copy and pasting.


Why do we seem to respect the dead more than the living?

I think we really don’t respect them anymore than the living but people pretend to do so. There is another factor that you might have heard people say ” Don’t speak ill of the dead” I think this factors in our conversations about the dead people. The logic I think is that the dead people are not there to defend themselves. But respect is another thing altogether. A person who deserves the respect while alive definitely deserves to be respected after death, while someone whom we didn’t respect when they were alive, are not deserving of it after they die!

Why is beauty associated with morality?  Or not?   (a few weeks back I asked a similar question, but the key word was MORTALITY, not MORALITY).  

Is the question, indirectly is ” are beautiful people immoral ?”

I guess if you assess, on the average, than perhaps people gifted with beautiful faces are more prone to be lacking in values as some of them develop a narcissistic attitude. But obviously it cannot include all the people who posses external beauty. While those who possess internal beauty are always moral.

Have gadgets and apps taken away emotions?

That is true on this premise that due o the presence of new gadgets, people have stopped interacting on a personal level. A happy birthday text really doesn’t carry the same impact as a hug, or even a hand written birthday card. The emotions are buried under deep layers of this so called “busy life we all are living, where we even don’t have time to call each other once in a while and ask “how are you?”

Is there a perfect life?  What’s your version of a perfect life if you care to share?

There can be no perfect life, at least not this time around. But there can be a perfect state of mind, which perceives the life as perfect. We each have things we lack, crave and desire. Then there are the hardships we all face at one point or the other in life. Even the kings and queens and the extremely wealthy have their share of unhappiness and trials. So the only way to have a perfect life is to accept whatever cards we are dealt with and try to make the best of them.


If you’d like, please share something uplifting or for which you are grateful.

I had a wonderful trip with my daughter and grandson this week. In fact we just came back and here I am blogging. Need to share with my blogging family too.

A stone octopus outside the marine life museum in port Angeles.

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Share Your World 7-15-19

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