Writing Prompt #27

The highest price I’ve ever paid for anything is……………

I could take this literally and tell you all about my shopaholic tendencies. There is a lot wrong there. I am trying to control my tendency to buy stuff and spend money on things that I may need next year!

Then there are things which happen in life which extract a price from you in terms of emotional and mental trauma. This sort of price is paid by our soul and leaves scars behind which always remind us of the terrible time in our lives. Though I won’t go into the details of that event because they also belong to someone close to me, I can say that by making a few bad decisions regarding a family situation, I made the biggest mistake of my life and it cost me dearly. I lost sleep over it and went through a period of depression for a few months.

It wasn’t wholly my mistake but I was part of it and after living through agonizing months I gathered courage to deal with it. This is a part of my life which taught me a valuable lesson. That in life the decisions we make are our responsibility and we have to face the consequences.

They say adversity makes you stronger, it does but you need a lot of courage to deal with this adversity. I became a stronger person after this time in my life and learned a few life truths. But still I would not want to go through a similar experience in my life- Never again, hopefully.

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Writing Prompt #27

A Prompt by; Sarah Elizabeth Moore

14 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #27

  1. Those are the pricey situations in life. Houses and cars hurt the checkbook but friends and family situations can kill us in guilt and soul-wrenching pain. But making it through those with love still intact can help us become better people, hard-won.

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