Tale Weaver #231- July 11-2019. Making Sense out of Nonsense- Ignormarte

( Ignormarte, the people who had absolutely no idea about the market trends )

Jolly was lucky to win the mega lottery and was now rolling in money. He wanted to spend all his money to live out his dream life. But his mother was more sensible and told him to invest half the money in stock market. Since he was ignormarte, he asked his best friend Jonny to advice him. What he didn’t know that Jonny was not an honest man. He had plans to fleece Jolly and become rich in the process.

Jolly handed half his money to Jonny to invest some place where it would earn good profit. Jonny pretended to invest it while in reality transferring the money to an offshore account. Every month Jolly would ask his friend how the stock was doing and Jonny would give him assurance that the money was earning a decent profit.

Though Jolly was spending his win quite liberally, he had not quite ran through all of it when he got the shock of his life when his best friend bailed out on him with half the money. Jonny disappeared and there was no sign of him. Jolly cursed his ignormatre-ness which had landed him in this mess and promised himself to be more careful of the money he had left, investing it with a reliable Wall Street firm.

While the clever Jonny became a victim of his own greed and lost all the money he had stolen from his friend due to bad investments. It appears that he too was a ignormatre but a cheap one!


This week I invite you to play with this nonsense word and create your own meaning and story about it.

It can be noun, verb, adjective or adverb, its fate is in your hands.

Write your response and link it using the linking tool below.

Go forth and have fun.

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Tale Weaver #231- Making Sense out of Nonsense



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