Borrow the lyrics Challenge

So, Teresa tagged me in a new game called “Borrow the Lyrics Challenge” created by Jim. The rules are (copied from Fandango):

1. Choose a verse from a song and use it in an original poem or story.

2. Include the name of the song and the singer at the end or beginning.

3. Challenge someone else and invent ONE rule they need to follow.

4. Credit the person who started this challenge (PJ) and the person who challenged you, which was Teresa.

5. Include the rules of this challenge.

The added rule that Jim gave Fandango was to pick a song from 1971. The added rule that Fandango gave me (I don’t know if these are cumulative but it worked out that way this time) was that the song had to be by a British artist.

The additional rule: It has to have been used in a movie soundtrack.

I have chosen the song;

I am a lady by; Meghan Trainor

by; Songwriters: Meghan Trainor / Martin René

From the movie;

Smurfs- The lost village

The lyrics I have chosen are;

I talk with a mouth full (uh-huh)
But I couldn’t be sweeter
Yep, I’m a cutie in my own way
I won’t play, follow the leader

‘Cause I don’t look like them (But I ain’t worried about it)
I don’t move like them (But I ain’t worried about it)
I know I’m a gem
I ain’t worried about it, I ain’t worried about it
‘Cause I’m a lady

My poem:

Carving my own path through this maze

I follow just my own lead and my heart

Making my rules and living according to them

I am only answerable to my own conscious

Only the bounds of morality that I acknowledge

Live with grace and do no harm is my mantra

Gracious and charming, you will find me but

Never mistake it for complacency or obedience

I am tagging Li of Tao-Talk

And my additional rule is; The song should be sung by a female artist.


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