Fandango Provocative Question #31

Fandango‘s Question;

What do consider to be the highlight of your life so far? Do you think it’s something that you might be able to exceed in the future?

My answer;

I have to be honest. I haven’t made any earth shattering discoveries or invented the cure for some incurable disease. I am an ordinary person who has just played the part of a mother and wife. What I have done is to try to be helpful and useful to the people around me. That is something I inherited from my father. I try to give practical advice when asked for. I help whenever I am asked, or offer even when it’s not asked for. Due to my medical background, I often advice my family and friends in matter of medical treatment and I feel that though I didn’t complete my medical degree, the education was not a total waste. Sometimes I am over enthusiastic and offer my opinions, unasked but I have tried to curb this habit and offer my opinion and advice when asked.

Can I get better at it?

I think with time I have less responsibilities towards my family so maybe I can do more for others around me. And I hope that I can do this.

What are your thoughts about this question?

In response to;

Fandango Provocative Question # 31



19 thoughts on “Fandango Provocative Question #31

  1. I think having a successful marriage may be the thing I am most thankful for. When you come from an extremely dysfunctional family that had no sense of loyalty or faithfulness, learning that on your own is a hard feat. I also think fostering kids and winning awards for my writing and art mean a lot to me too.

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